Now that I’ve committed myself to write a daily blog post, I have to come up with topics. So far, it hasn’t been too hard since it’s only 6 days into 2010, but what will I write, say, by the end of the month or by day 345? This same question also applies to freelance writing. What do I want to write?

A few years ago I met up with a friend who was having job woes and wanted to quit. She wanted to write, but what topics? So we took a sheet a paper and listed all her interests for possible article ideas.

And here I am in the same boat. There are numerous subjects that intrigue me, but what can I say differently that has a fresh hook that will grab an editor’s attention? I suppose that’s the $1 million question all new freelancers ask.

My project for tomorrow is a library visit and flip through all the magazines that interest me (I like all the health and fitness pubs) and read the most recent articles. I suspect I’ll be looking at numerous variations of the same topic, and honestly, I don’t know how many times you can write Lose 20 pounds by Valentine’s Day and make it different, but every year you see some derivative of that same idea.

You know, fiction is much easier. You make up a scene in your head and then you run with it.

Speaking of which, I have to fix a scene in Julius.