I’ve mentioned in passing my two writing gigs, but I thought I would dedicate a whole post to the both of them since the reality is that they take a good amount of my time.

If you’re wondering what is it exactly I do at HAND/EYE Magazine here’s your chance to learn how I spend my days. I am the online editor. So what the hell do I do apart from writing articles for the online version? Well, I edit stories from other freelance writers. I research topics and reach out to artists to potentially feature them. Sometimes I ask them to byline their own stories (and most of the time I have to finesse the language), other times I ask questions and ghost write it for them, but  the majority of the time I conduct an online interview with the artist then write the story. In addition, I ask for images, caption them, fiddle with the size if needed, etc. In addition, I have to come up with an editorial calendar, keep it up to date, schedule the stories, and so on. Basically that’s what takes about 85 percent of my time. I don’t deal with any of the tech issues at all. In other words, I don’t frig around with Drupal (I’ve been told not to touch it since it’s so glitchy. Although I have a feeling I could figure it out because I am a dweeb when it comes to figuring out software).

Ten percent of my time is administrative. I’m in charge of updating the subscription list and to mail out copies of the magazine. It’s a dirty job, Keith did it before me, and now it’s my baby. I’m hoping that when we’ve become a huge media conglomerate, I can give this job to someone else. Actually, it’s not that bad. It’s one of those tasks that’s nice to have so I can rest my brain.

Another five percent is trying to come up with ideas of how to increase our subscriber base. We talk about this, I would say, every couple of weeks, but I think between word-of-mouth and FaceBook, we’ve grown a little (or so it seems to me as I input the names of new subscribers on the spreadsheet).

I haven’t been involved with the print issue. YET. But I know that I might have one article in the next one on Haiti (I think it may be an expanded piece on Franz Zepherin).

For a small publication that prints two issues per year, but publishes online 48 weeks, I can say that we are BUSY. VERY BUSY. Lucky for me, though, I can make my own hours and work from home (or at the “office” if I have the desire to have a change of scenery.) I tend to put in my hours from 9 until 5, but I do take breaks here and there (post office, bank, grocery store, walk the dogs or take 30 minutes to exercise). Tonight is an exception. I’m working on a bunch stuff (this is one of those breaks) and I’ll probably call it quits around 10 pm. Do I work on weekends? Yep, pretty much. I usually write an article or two. This weekend looks like I’ll be writing at least three.

The second job is my book review column Dan’s Papers. It’s pretty straightforward. I read a book, and I review it. So far I’ve reviewed four books, and I have one coming up for Monday. Oops, make that four articles to write this weekend.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I write. A lot.  And now it’s time to work on some photo captions.