Among the too many projects on my plate, I’ve decided to volunteer next month at a local rescue. As much as I would like to foster (and most likely become a foster fail) I can’t because of my three stooges.

There are many rescues all over the country, but  the one organization that has inspired me to get involved is Noah’s Arks Rescue based in Okatie, South Carolina. Jennifer Smith is the president of the organization and she is responsible for getting emergency medical/surgical care for abused animals. Noah’s Arks Rescue is the last resort for the animals that the organization takes into their program. And each of these cases is extreme. Without Noah’s Arks Rescue, these magnificent animals would all be euthanized.

I’ve followed the stories of Freddy, Porter, Otto, Juliet and Gunnar. Each story starts with tears of anguish. You can’t help but curse people for being so cruel to defenseless creatures. But those tears of grief turn to tears of joy because your faith is restored that there are people who do care and go beyond the call of duty to help an animal who has been tortured, used as bait for dog fights, has been neglected, or has been treated much worse than a cheap throwaway toy

Whenever I see a dog that needs help, I share their stories via Facebook with the hope that my 300 plus friends donate or just share with the intention that it will go viral and that the rescue will have more donations coming to them. Today happened to be one of those days. In an email and in my Facebook newsfeed I was alerted that Noah’s Arks Rescue has a new patient. His name is Freckles. I’ve hyperlinked his name and you can read what happened to him. I’ve also added the donation meter at the bottom of the page so you can see that he needs close to $19,000 in medical care.

If you can donate that would be wonderful and generous. If you can’t then all I ask is that you share, tweet, Google+ and like this post so that Freckles or any of the great dogs at Noah’s Arks Rescue can get the medical treatment they need. The more people who learn about this rescue, the better the chances they have to provide much more for animals in need.

And now if you have a dog or cat, give them a hug and a kiss, but also send a virtual one to Freckles.