I’ve purposely kept away from writing about politics during the election cycle because I thought it was ridiculous to comment after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump became the Democratic and Republican nominees. Given Mr. Trump’s ignorance on foreign and domestic affairs, I thought it was a fait accompli that Secretary Clinton would be the winner of a too long race. However, November 9th turned into a dark day for Democrats and those of us on the left.

I won’t break down the reasons she lost that’s been done too many times by the talking heads on TV and by columnists in newspapers, but I am puzzled by the support the President-elect received. Thanks to reality TV, we’ve given the keys to power to a snake oil salesman who has dealt the long con to his supporters.

But wait, some of you might be thinking, look how good the stock market is doing. If you read Business Insider’s  Elections and the stock market: History tells us economics matter more than politics. Could it be different this time?” you’ll get a good idea how the market reacts when either a Democrat or Republican wins. Also remember the stock market is not the economy. The stock market reacts to how the economy is performing.

Right now under President Obama’s watch, we’re currently at a 4.9 % unemployment rate (this is the number that interests me) and the stock market is at 19,762.60 (which is meaningless to me since I don’t own any stocks or mutual funds). I could get into a long discussion about the unemployment number and break it down further, but you didn’t come here for an economics lesson. Plus, it’s been a long time since I had to regurgitate what I learned in school and, admittedly, I am a terrible economist. However, if you have the inclination to learn more about the dismal science just read Paul Krugman’s blog The Conscience of a Liberal. Yes, it might raise the hackles of some conservatives but for Pete’s sake, the man won a Nobel prize in economics. He knows what he’s writing about. 

Next Friday, Mr. Trump will be inaugurated—assuming nothing occurs or maybe he’ll stick his foot so deeply down his throat that someone will have the courage to say, “He’s not mentally fit to be president.” I know, not going to happen. The next day, we’ll have the big march in Washington and in other parts of the country. We’ll see whether these will be peaceful protests or someone does something to provoke an incident.

What will I be up to? Writing. If you look at the upper right-hand of the menu, I’ve added a new category: Dear President Trump. The purpose of these public letters will be to educate anyone who chooses to read them, including the man who will occupy the Oval Office if he so desires. I hope what I write gets widely circulated, that readers begin to question the actions coming from the White House and Congress, and that all of us can rise up, unite and bring back some light and hope to this country.

In the meantime, if you want to see change, start making small ones every day. For instance, it will be unavoidable, but try to boycott all news channels and don’t watch the inauguration and the festivities that follow. Don’t buy from companies that sell licensed Trump items. Don’t make reservations at his hotels, play at his golf clubs, don’t watch The Apprentice. More importantly, take the time to learn the issues and how this country runs. Don’t wait until the next election to boot out your representatives. Get active now. 

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  • Well said. And might I add support to your suggestion to let your spending dollars be your voice. In the past five years or so, I have been adamant about not buying products or shopping from big box/chain stores that do not align with my conscience and/or political agendas. I’m told that as one person, it won’t make a difference. That may be true, but I encourage others to start practicing it because together we can make a difference. And you know what the bonus has been? I’ve realized how much I don’t need; something I’d lost sight of in our consumer driven society. It’s probably the most freeing thing I’ve done in quite some time.