Yesterday I started a very brand new chapter for Julius.  As you might recall, last month Ritz, my accountability partner (Hi Ritz!) had suggested that instead of breaking a chapter with a flashback or back story that I make it a separate chapter. Well, 1,490 words later, I have a chapter that includes a little information (no, a lot) on Corinne, my MC.

Way back, when one critter on IWW, whom I greatly respect, noted that my characters tend to eat a lot. They go out to restaurants, the order take-out, they’re cooking and a lot of the dialogue and action revolves around food. He thought I should shake it up a bit. At first I agreed with him, but then I realized that for these characters food is important. It’s one of the bourgeois pleasures they have and won’t give up (that, and collecting antique Patek Phillipe watches).

What does this have to do with my chapter? It introduces four things about Corinne. The first one is how she ended up in jail; the second is her introduction to fine dining; third, her love of films, and fourth, how one of her obsessions leads to disappointment, a loss of identity, and believing in herself –I have to tweak this a bit.

In a very early post, I wrote about introducing a new character and that “person” appears in this flashback. And I love him to bits. I wish he could be a bigger player in the story, but I think it would be too confusing. Maybe he merits his own short story or possibly a larger role in future novel?

I’ll keep working on this chapter. I suspect it will be a long one and then revise it before I send it off to the Novels List at IWW.

And for now, it’s time for my short story seminar!