It’s been a long time since I updated readers about my experiment with Scrivener and I thought I would give you a quick run-down of what’s happened.

First, I’ve made some money. Not enough to support myself, but enough to pay for the site and some incidentals. I didn’t have great expectations for it to make a bundle, but I hoped that I’d be hired either for private lessons or to teach via an organization. Those two items can be checked off.

On average I get about 200 visitors per day, and 350 page views. The days that Scrivener tweets and posts the tutorial, the number of visitors quintuple. As nice as that shout out is I still need to grow the site  considerably, go beyond the tutorials and start incorporating how Scrivener can be used for the actual writing process.

In the next few weeks, I’ll teaching how to create an outline in Scrivener, but I’ll also be discussing plot, structure, and as well as provide in-depth character and setting questionnaire. So it’s a tutorial where you’ll see how to use the many features, but at the same time various lessons on craft.

What spurred this? I love templates and I love learning about other writers processes, but of all the templates I discovered online, some of which are excellent, I found they were either complicated and intimidating or too simplified. So I decided that I would devise my own outline template that would be easy to understand and maximize the power of Scrivener.

However, this won’t be a series of tutorials to be posted on the Simply Scrivener site or here, but an actual class that will last 30 days. Students will get a daily email that will take them through the process of creating their outline and template for future projects. If you want to take the course, drop me a line in comments and I’ll reply with the details.

How successful will it be? I’m hoping that I get a lot of student participation so I can fine-tune it. The goal is to have this couse be the class to take before the NANOWRIMO marathon. Plus, I’m thinking it I might turn it into a book as well.

I’ll keep updating about how this all turns out while I’m designing the course and how it all turns out.