Writer Unboxed recently launched a monthly a flash fiction contest. The decision of who wins is determined by the number of votes each story receives and the panel’s reading preferences.

February’s prompt featured a keyhole and because I’ve missed writing the exploits of Alvah and Corinne, I wrote a 250 word story about them. As a first attempt it’s not bad; it’s not great. It’s “Meh.”

Despite my sentiments, I want to win this month. My competitive spirt has surfaced, but whether I am selected or don’t surpass the one writer who currently has six votes (no, I didn’t vote for myself that’s pathetic), in either case it was a good exercise to see if I could be succinct and tell a story in 250 words.

And the conclusion is the following:

  • I prefer a longer format.
  • Will I try again? As long as the prompt sparks an idea.
  • Will I avoid using dialogue the next time? It depends on the characters.
  • Will I continue with the paranormal element? I’d like to put that to rest (Ha! Get it?)

Take a look at it for yourselves, and if you’re inclined to vote do so as long as you like it and it merits one. If it’s terrible and you like another one better then vote for that writer (but don’t tell me). To read my vignette go here. Scroll down to the comments, and you’ll see the story under my name.

And by the way, this post is 250 words.