A few days ago, I had two enlightening exchanges concerning Julius. The first one was with a friend who asked me about the progress of the book. Come this November, it will be seven years that the notion of Julius was conceived. I’ve written often that this will be the year I finish the book and the truth is I have finished several drafts, but each one seemed incomplete to me. I knew the story was lacking certain elements, but most importantly, and this has been a recent discovery, I needed to intimately know my characters to drive the story forward.

The second conversation I had was with a writing friend; we discussed several factors about the writing process from the subconscious and the conscious working together to believing in the story to not over-thinking it. All of what my friend said made sense and it has helped me look at the story and examine my characters more intensely.

My current task is digging deeper into my characters’ psyches. I have Corinne down, and to a degree bad guy Craig. Now I have to make sure that the metrosexual twins, Jake and Doug, are discernible—each one with his own set of neuroses and distinct ambitions.

So, boys, step into my office, lay down on the couch, and tell me about your childhoods.

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