Joe Wallace, author of Diamond Ruby, posted a couple of weeks ago on his Facebook update an interesting writing exercise. He’s actually doing this for publication, but he’s working on a Diamond Ruby side story from her niece Amanda’s point of view, and he’s discovering new things about Ruby from this young girl’s perspective.

When I read that I knew I had to try something similar. Craig–a former boyfriend of Corinne’s–leans more on the reactionary side. So I thought it would be a good exercise to flesh out Corinne from Craig who is attracted to her, but at the same time ideologically and intellectually repelled by her political beliefs and lifestyle.

While getting more insight about Corinne, I think the exercise will also help flesh out Craig. My goal is to have a split audience to either sympathize with him, and another group to be completely put off by his motives. And as I write this I’m realizing that this character will have a much larger role than I had originally thought.  Well, I think with the interfering Alvah, the capricious Jake, and the reactionary Craig, Corinne will have her hands full!

Onward to write from Craig’s point-of-view.