The Subplots for Julius

October 18, 2010Plot

Let’s start off with a little Alvah Bessie history: Way back in 1936 there was a nasty seamen’s strike. At the time Alvah was a an assistant editor and critic for the Brooklyn Eagle, and a member of the Communist Party. During the strike, the Brooklyn Eagle attacked the strikers, but Bessie, given his personal politics, drafted a rebuttal for the National Maritime Union and printed it on their letterhead. He brought the letter back to the newspaper, and they printed it and reversed their editorial position.

In Julius, I’m trying to create a modern parallel universe in which Corinne almost shadows Alvah’s actions. The timing is a bit off–she’s already working for a leftist journal, but many of her actions are similar to Alvah’s. My idea as part of a subplot was to have her get involved in a strike. At first I thought to have her help organize a group of workers at a trendy night spot, but that just didn’t work. The idea of her getting involved in a labor dispute still has merit, but the issue is which union, and how does she get pulled into the dispute?

In the meantime, my other subplot is the bringing down of Julius by an outside source. A mysterious and very conservative blogger launches Kirk’s Cannons (a take-off on Russell Kirk’s Six Canons of Conservative Thought from The Conservative Mind). This blogger is a “premature Tea Partier.” (which is my take on ‘premature anti-fascist).  He hates everything about Julius and attacks the publication as often as possible. Thanks to this blogger things will get difficult for my Merry Marxists.