Why so quiet? I lost my blogging mojo. Sometimes I don’t have anything new or astute to share so why repeat the same sage advice that other bloggers have posted?

My faithful fans might say, “But you bring such a unique perspective. We want to read about your latest aha moment.” As lovely as that sentiment is the truth is that I haven’t had many of those illuminating moments.

Most of my great thoughts have centered on trying to find paying projects. In August I learned that my hours at the magazine would be cut in half by October. I had to scramble to make up for that loss. To make matters worse, the print edition of the magazine was shuttered this month.

The focus now is how to make the online edition better and profitable. Currently it’s in the brainstorming mode.  In the meantime, I’ve picked up projects here and there, including blogging for To Be Read.

But there is some positive news. Almost two weeks ago, a friend told me that one of her contacts at one of the big publishers was looking for freelance copywriters for SEO copy—essentially 100 to 150 word book descriptions.

I jumped at the opportunity and wrote to the marketing director and attached a resume and some samples. Within minutes she emailed back asking if I’d be willing to take a copywriting test.

I don’t like taking tests. The last one I took was to write a sample post for a health and fitness blog. I spent the entire day going back and forth with the content manager, tweaking the post, adding material, formatting it to follow their style guidelines. And then nothing came of it. The last time I looked at the blog it wasn’t updated.

But this opportunity was different. My gut instinct told me to take the test because it would be worth the effort and time.  Two hours after I emailed the test, I learned that the job was mine.

And what about that pitch contest?  I received good feedback from other writers and I reworked the pitch. Now I wait to find out whether the agent wants to see what I have so far

In the meantime, it’s back to the redo. I’m working on some new material that needs more oomph. Primarily my main character needs to suffer some serious angst and humiliation. I’ve been too easy on her. I think she’s due for a repeat of what happened to her in the first chapter.

I’ll try to post again later this week, but if I don’t get a chance, let me wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!