On Thanksgiving, I launched the niche website Simply Scrivener|Tutorials For Scrivener Users. I really didn’t know what to expect in terms of traffic, but it’s been averaging  nearly 154 visitors per day. That’s more than I expected. When Scrivener announced it on their Facebook page, traffic jumped that day with a nice residual the day after. However, it’s been steady and I’ve been getting emails and comments. The next step is to set a firm goal and that is during the next two months increase traffic to at least 10,000 visitors per month that includes both unique and returning visits.

Apart from the website, Simply Scrivener also has a Twitter handle, @SimplyScrivener, which I’m hoping will be more active. To be honest, I really haven’t determined what the strategy will be there. I suppose I should see what @ScrivenerApp and @ScrivenerCoach tweet.

But right now to keep people visiting, subscribing, and commenting, I need to write a lot of content—at least three blog posts per week. I still want to provide videos. Those take me a long time to get right because I haven’t mastered the screencasting technology, but I also flub my lines.

A major concern I had was that people would be bored because the tutorials are, at this stage, very basic; but it doesn’t seem to be an issue because it appears that I somehow unearth a tidbit that’s helpful. So I’m encouraged I have readers who find these tutorials worth their while .

The one area I think that might be fun is to show readers how to use the program when they’re planning out a story, by actually writing one. So I’ll be creating a serial while teaching how to use the program, and hope they actually like what they’re reading.

And on that note, it’s time to write a tutorial…


  • The basic level of your tutorials are exactly what most peeps need to get their feet wet, too much info at this early stage can be very overwhelming. 
    Even though I’ve used Scrivener for over 4 years, I still enjoy your review of the fundamentals. When I first bought the program, I wanted to write my story, not forge my way through a manual, so much of my self–taught know how is missing a few details here and there. The basics are a wonderful way of filling in the potholes for even experienced user like me. xx

  • I agree with D D as I too am finding the basics useful. I think once pass the basics people have established their own process and pattern of work and really need tips and tricks from then on but I know I need the basics in order to that stage.

  • I’ve had Scrivener for over a year but never overcame my initial feeling that it was too complex so I never really learned how to use it.

    I’m trying once again … I’m reading your tutorials.