I’ve noticed that in two days I’ve  lost two email subscribers. I don’t know whether it had to do with my last entry, which wasn’t offensive—just a bit esoteric—or whether some people rather read my entries via an RSS reader. In any event, subscriptions have decreased from day one of 2013.

From my stats, I see that the most popular posts have been the ones relating to Scrivener. I stopped writing them in part because of Gwen Hernandez’s Scrivener’s for Dummies book, which does an outstanding job of teaching new users to the program. I can go back to those, if you wish, but in all honesty, I’ll be taking much of what Gwen says but with my own “unique” twist.

I also wanted to stop writing about craft because most of what I’ve encountered via my own writing has been said ad nauseum. I would say that 100 percent of what I’ve encountered working on the novel so have other writers. We all agonize over grammar and technical issues; point-of-view; voice, editing and revising, the inner critic; discipline; and the list goes on and on.

I’ve tried to keep this blog almost 100 percent free of angst. I have a couple of posts where I vent a little about publicists, editing non-native English speakers with practically no writing experience. Overall, I’d say that it’s been pretty light in tone.

However, I realize that my research and interests have a slant that might offend some readers. I’m not apologizing for my convictions—I am what I am, and proudly wear my red star on my sleeve. But I know I’m getting repetitive.

So the question I’m throwing out to new and remaining readers is this: What do you want me to write about. I have an opinion on just about anything whether it’s the president once again being a wuss or adventures with my two jokers. Do you want to get more of a sense of who I am, would you rather read more about my misadventures with writing Julius, would you like me to keep up with the Scrivener tutorial, or comment about what I’ve read in other blog posts with my own perspective. Last year, I tried to post about grammar should I revive that? Or should I shoot for my overly ambitious posts about the Spanish Civil War?

I’m open to suggestions and I welcome your thoughts. Please let me know in the comments sections and I’ll take it from there, but remember that I will put my own slant to it that you might not necessarily agree with because I am what I am.


  • I like hearing about Julius and communism because it sets you apart from the gazillion author blogs out there.  
    It’s all I can do to remember that I have a blog, much less read everyone else’s blog, and toss out ideas. Have you joined IAP, Independent Author Project? Lots of authors blog about each other. I haven’t started doing that.
    Your pets, diet and exercise programs, and sherpa services also distinguish you. Be yourself and you’ll draw people to your blog.

  • Wish I had advice or an answer, Rebeca! Like you, I didn’t think my writing about writing added anything to the myriad voices already blogging their angst, trials, and tribulations to cyberspace. I’ll occasionally write something about that, but it isn’t the focus. While conventional wisdom says our blogs must have a theme and we must post regularly and often, I enjoy your eclectic mix of subjects, from the pups or Scivener to Julius.
    Probably not helpful, but all I have…

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