If only we could get a pretty stamp...

I’m taking a day off from the Left. Today’s post is benign: email subscriptions.

My subscriber list isn’t very long, but it was steadily growing and I’d like to think that my sage words were making some sort of impression; however, since starting this challenge I have lost three subscribers.

Is it the topic I chose that has alienated these readers or are they tired of getting their inboxes deluged by other writers who are also participating in the challenge?

I want to clarify that I am not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking. As I mentioned in the very first post, the purpose of this challenge and my goal was to inspire and educate readers in a part of history and politics that may not be familiar and that could possibly entice them to learn more.

As for me I’ve always leaned to the left, and as I get older my sympathies go much further. Some of you might wonder whether out of fairness I’ll feature the men, women and the movements of the Right like Russell Kirk, J. Edgar Hoover, Ayn Rand, Sarah Palin, The Moral Majority or The Tea Party.

One word: No.

In an argument with a friend years ago, he shouted that I was partisan and because of people like me we would always have some sort of stalemate in government. I have no shame in admitting my alliances. From the time that I seriously started following politics in high school to today, I can say that I have never seen one single policy from the Right where I’ve nodded my head in agreement. Not one. If that makes me a partisan to the Left then so be it.

You won’t see me yelling “Huzzah!” in the streets or support a modern day Republican until I see a a policy that fairly benefits all Americans and not just his supporters, friends big business and their lobbyists.

If I have offended readers with what may seem as a glorification of the Left, keep in mind that many of the reforms we’ve seen passed like the right to a free education for all children, enactment of child labor laws, workplace safety laws, regulation of monopolies and large corporations, conservationism to just name a few. These, among the hundreds of other reforms, were spurred by Leftist activism.

Instead of hitting that unsubscribe link, bear with me. I have some wonderful posts coming up that will surely resonate and hopefully you might experience an expergefaction of sorts to learn more about the Left.



  • Rebeca, don’t despair. Subscribers (and readers) come and go–it’s about quality, not quantity. The more passionate you get in your blog posts, the more you let your unique self come through, the better chance you have at finding the “right” readers, the people that either think like you or are willing to be challenged, and thus grow. It’s easy to stay on the middle ground, and you might get a lot of subscribers that way, initially, because–sad to say–people do prefer the “easy” reads, the topics that don’t make them think, that don’t ruffle feathers. But are those really the subscribers you want? 
    I didn’t think so 🙂
    Keep at it, girl. You rock!

  • I find email subscriptions to blogs a little intrusive. I prefer to use a feed reader, which is how I normally get yours. Check your feed subscriptions; it’s possible people are simply migrating from one to another.
    Regarding the GOP, I am beginning to wonder whether to attempt a socialist caucus within it. First, I’d have to join, of course. But I see in the discontent among Tea Party followers a seed of revolt. I see in the radical ideas of the libertarians an anarchism of the right that has populist strength. I can’t believe that these people, whose real interests lie with the advance of socialism, will forever keep supporting the very people who keep them down.