Earlier this year, I joined the Writer Unboxed community on Facebook, and during these past months I’ve been more active, participating in threads, starting my own discussions and making new writer friends.

For those who are not familiar with the blog Writer Unboxed, stop by and check it out. It’s a fantastic site that overflows with information about writing. The community on Facebook is an extension of the blog and the threads are terrific. What I love about the community is that we share milestones, discuss craft, writing resources, books, and support our colleagues and eschew the blatant self-promotion.

One recent discussion that was broached was the question of blog topics. As bloggers do we continually write about the craft of writing or do we dip our toes into other areas? I’ve tried to keep this blog focused on my personal writing trials and tribulations. There were a number of times that I’ve moved away from that but for the most part, the posts always related somehow to writing Julius.

After taking some time off because of work, the dying car as well as inertia, I’ve decided to go in a new direction. I won’t quit writing this blog, but I won’t be writing about craft. There are numerous blogs that do a much better job, like Writer Unboxed, and that’s where you should go instead of here because I’m still stumbling around and learning from my many, many mistakes.

Before I unveil this new direction, I should explain what inspired me to make the change. As I’ve written before I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Recently, I’ve posted status updates that have irked some people. These topics have ranged from obesity to Obama. And, honestly, I’m tired of defending my position of why I won’t vote for Obama, or my thoughts about weight and how it affects health. It’s probably best to stick with something safe that won’t create too much controversy or rude comments and with that in mind I thought for July—because it is the upcoming 76th anniversary—I would dedicate my status updates to everything about the Spanish Civil War.

But after some thought I realized that these updates would be very long and maybe it was best to keep them visual. Yet I wanted to do more and that’s when I decided to rework this blog and examine the topics I’ve researched for Julius.  Instead of having July as Spanish Civil War Month, I’ll write about it until I feel that I’ve exhausted the subject and then move on to other topics.

This is more of a pedagogical exercise for me; some readers might see it as an overwrought term paper, while others—and I hope this is more the case—will come to learn about a war: the first one where civilians became targets, as well as the first “photogenic” war of the 20th century.


  • I love Writer Unboxed, too–and yours is one of the friendships I value from this community. I must admit I did my share of daydreaming in history class, somehow the teachers never made it come alive for me–so I’m looking forward to learning more about the Spanish Civil War because I know you’ll keep me engaged. But please don’t stop your Scrivener lessons! This a niche topic that you cover very well. 😀 

  • I find Writer Unboxed a little unfocused. But I love the idea of your focusing on La Guerra Civil. I had relatives on both sides, as often happened.

    •  @cecilieaux I love both. For the FB community,I see it mostly as a coffee klatsch where we can talk about anything related to books. 
      This project of mine will take a lot of time. Not as easy as I thought it would be because I have to reread a lot and provide my own analysis. But I think it’s an important project.