Yes, you’re at the right blog. What happened to the minimalist look? I needed a change. Well, to be honest, I mulled over the last few months to make this site more than my novel writing trials and tribulations. I’ll still write about craft, and my missteps with Julius, but I’ll be adding more features.

Like what?

I see the Simply Scrivener peanut gallery is here. Well, I’m dismantling Alvah’s Books and bringing it over here.

We’re here because you’re not there. So why the big change? We’re not crazy about change. We’re still having a hard time adjusting to Scrivener 2.7 and those crazy new icons. 

Get over it.The icons have a cleaner look. But to answer your question…three blogs is more than I can handle. I figure this can be your one-stop reading on several topics.

Hmm, you mean you won’t be yammering about the Spanish Civil War anymore?

Oh, I’ll still be writing about that, but I’ll also write about veganism, fitness, health and wellness, and some creative projects I plan to tackle in 2016, as well as personal finance, and adjusting to living alone after the death of a partner.

Truthfully, it’s a means to showcase that I’m more than a writer who’s obsessed with the Spanish Civil War, the Blacklist, and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Now that I’m depending solely on myself, I need to step out of that comfort zone and try a new approach that ultimately will bring in more work and clients.

So what can you do? 

Oh, lots of things.

C’mon be a more specific.

Okay. I can run and manage social media campaigns. I can create content for websites, newsletters, brochures, and press releases. I can edit and rewrite copy. And if you need me to revamp your website, I can do that too. As you can see, I did it here.

Looks good.

It’s a work in process. I still have more to do, but I’m proud to say I’ve added menus. In the next few days, it will be better organized.

What are you envisioning?

My goal is to turn it into a lifestyle site that also has a business component. If more readers come here other than my usual writer friends, I might be able to offer sponsorships and advertising.

Oh, good grief, you’re selling out. 

Not at all. Will I write a sponsored blog about a product I’m not crazy about? No.

Are you still keeping that Marx quote?


Huh, let’s see how well that sits with corporate America. 

Don’t be so cynical. When Bernie Sanders is sitting in the Oval Office, you’ll be whistling a different tune.

Dream on, sister.