I hadn’t realized that today is December 30th until I started paying some overdue bills. Somehow my head was stuck that it was December 28th and I still had loads of time to do some projects. Um, I don’t think so on that count.

Therefore today’s post is what I hope 2010 will promise in terms of this new writing career.  Back in mid-August, I wrote that I wanted to complete a bunch of goals by, uh, tomorrow.

As gung-ho as I felt about reaching those goals when I wrote that post, I realize now that they were unrealistic to complete in four and one-half months, especially finishing  a novel that needs numerous changes and finding an agent. 

The one goal that did come through–quitting PR–did materialize and I’m thankful for the way it happened. The programs for the year ended and I had a graceful out, and I’m happy with that because I choose not to be in this profession any longer.

I admit I’m nervous, but I know I can pull it off. It’s going to take an aggressive attitude–more so than when I was working in PR. I have to come up with fresh story ideas, query and pitch them, and write. Of course I have other goals as well. They include making Alvah’s Books a better book review site and offer more articles other than reviews; complete my ESL certificate; bone up on my French; learn Photoshop (I have a coffee table book in mind), and of course, finish Julius and get it published.

As for this blog, my goal is to post daily. I’ve discovered that every day I write about my writing trials and tribulations, I spend more time working on Julius. Now that I have an audience, a small one, but, nevertheless a select group of readers,  I feel accountable to them and I’ll write here everyday, to let you all know of my progress and what I’ve learned. I’m sure that a lot of what I will write has been written before in other writers’ blogs, but, maybe, I might bring up a new point of view.

Of course I can’t predict the future, but with a lot of smart planning, goal setting, and not getting (too) distracted 2010 promises to be the year my writing career successfully takes off.