Since my last post, I’ve been thinking how to make this site/blog more of a destination of information for writers, especially those who are trying to break into this difficult and not very lucrative profession. I’ve come up with an editorial calendar of themes to cover and I hope that it’s enough of a draw to keep the subscribers I have but also attract more.

I’m doing this because I’ve decided to be more goal-oriented and hope that it will help me with completing Julius, while building a platform. Plus, for new writers they can see what my previous mistakes were when I first started this site and how I’ve evolved in becoming a much improved blogger—at least that’s what I am shooting for.

So the themes run in this manner:

  • Mondays: Free for all. This means that I will write about whatever inspires me. It could be something about Julius, it could be about the querying process, an astute observation (or not-so-astute) that’s related to writing as well as building a platform and social media. And I promise, no more contests because the last one was a dismal failure.
  • Wednesdays: Book recommendation on writing. I wanted to keep Alvah’s Books and reviews separate from this site, but in terms of books relating to craft I think they fit better here than over there. I will offer my recommendations and a list of the ones I review with links to purchase (disclaimer: I am an Amazon Affiliate).
  • Fridays: Grammar Tutorial. This is probably more for me than for readers, but I’m always questioning my grammar and mechanics. If you have a question, who knows, I may very well have the answer.
  • Saturdays: Scrivener Tutorial. As I continue to learn how to master this terrific software, I’ll share my latest discoveries of how Scrivener can help you organize any major writing project.

Apart from this site, I recently relaunched, which is dedicated to getting healthy and fit, but also will allow me to write about nutrition, fitness and health. Apart from helping me get back to getting back to optimal health, it may aid in pursuing other freelance writing opportunities. Currently, there are only two posts, but that site will have its own editorial calendar.

I don’t want to say that 2012 will be the year that Julius will be finished for once and for all, I’ve done that in the past and discovered that many of my deadlines were unrealistic. But the biggest realization about Julius was that I didn’t know where my story was leading to and why. Yes, I had a conclusion, but the action that led to it wasn’t logical. Now I believe that many of the changes will make sense. And that’s all I’m saying.

I hope that my small group of readers—and whoever stumbles upon this site—had a lovely holiday, and I wish you all the very best for 2012!


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