I’ve been missing in action for a few weeks because I’ve been busy with articles for HAND/EYE, I’m also writing weekly book reviews for Dan’s Papers, but what really slowed me down has been biological. I’ve reached that new phase in a woman’s life, and I can honestly say that it sucks. My malady, if you want to call it that, is the Hot Flash. I get them mostly at night. A sporadic one or two during the day. The problem that slowed me down quite a bit was the sleep deprivation, and thanks to that my double vision issue recurred.

But all is well now. The flashes are under control and . . . I can see normally again. It took exactly two weeks for the double vision to clear up. So, now it’s catch up time with a lot of writing! I’m behind schedule on Julius, catching up on articles that need to be edited for HAND/EYE, and books to read for review, updating this site, and Fit and Svelte, which was miserably neglected after knee injury. Phew!  I need a vacation.

Actually, not a vacation, but more like a writing retreat. I’ve been fooling around with the idea of applying to a writer’s residency program for next year, and I’ve started the preliminary research. Ideally if there’s one in New York state that’s affordable and I can get away for at least two weeks that would be perfect (and if I can get some sort of funding that would be better).

Why would I want to go to a retreat and get away from it all when I live on the beach and I’m fairly reclusive for starters? Good question. Well, sometimes you need a change of scenery. Also, I really would like to be around other like-minded individuals, plus I have too many distractions here, and I need at least two weeks of straight eight hour writing with NO interruptions.

The Ol’ Man thinks that I’d be wasting my money (never mind that he wants to buy another boat so he can just look at it and not sail it) and gave me a half-hearted blessing (with the reminder that is it possible to take time off as a freelancer? He has a point, two weeks off can put me one month behind on bills). So after some mulling this over, I’ve decided to plan my own quasi retreat. The focus is to write without interruption, read more fiction, literary criticism, and craft. How’s that any different from what I do now? Well, and I write this with a red face, I tend to get very easily distracted with the Internet, FaceBook, and email.  So I am placing a moratorium on all online activity. Well, not a 100 percent one because I need email for work, but I’m giving myself a daily two-hour limit to send and respond to emails, post to this site, Alvah’s Books and Fit and Svelte. The rest of my day and evening is dedicated to writing and reading!

On that note, it’s time to disconnect and write.