I won’t bother to do a recap of this year, or most popular posts, or even list the top blogs I read often. Nope. Instead I thought I would write of what I plan to do today and this weekend–write, read, and knit.

Let’s start with the knitting. I want to finish the blanket I started earlier this year and while I knit and purl my way through the end of 2010, I plan to listen to Stephen King’s new short story series, Full Dark, No Stars. Earlier this year, I discovered how much I enjoyed knitting and being read to, and accomplishing two things that relaxed me, kept me entertained, and actually learned something about writing.

The next item on the agenda is to write a post on a new Scrivener feature I discovered and loved. That will be part of the Scrivener Saturday tutorial. And while I am on the topic of Scrivener, I plan to set up more templates for some other writing projects that I plan to kick-off in 2011.

I’m off for a four day jaunt in New York City next week, so I need to get one article written and the letter from the editor for the online issue of HAND/EYE Magazine by Sunday, but I’ll also be completing the bio on Jake for Julius.

Finally, I plan to relaunch my Fit and Svelte blog tomorrow, and hope that will lead to some writing gigs that deal with nutrition and fitness (as if I really have time).

That’s about it for now. It’s a weekend that will keep me busy and, hopefully, out of trouble.

To all my readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope it’s a very happy one for you all.