For months I’ve been threatening to revamp Alvah’s Books, but the project kept getting put off because I was dreading redesigning it. If you go the DIY way and start playing around with design features it can suck up several hours or days. Lucky for me, I’ve become familiar with my theme and knew exactly how I wanted to change it. I spent about two hours yesterday doing much of the “heavy lifting” and today I tweaked it more.

What prompted this design change, as I mentioned in my post, was that I had a PR project I was working on and noticed that many other book review blogs were taking a long time to load and were difficult to read. Many of those blogs were graphic heavy, which included badges, photos, black backgrounds, and fonts that were impossible to decipher.

Although Alvah’s Books’ design was fairly simple, I thought because it’s been two years since I posted a review that it was time for a new look for this relaunch. The idea was to keep the look simple, but still show who was behind the inspiration for the blog. I kept the three column format, but pared down much the content. I’m using Georgia–an easy to read font and keeping it black, The only area that’s a little creative is the header. For this I used Berliner Grotesk font for the title and tagline and used two sepia-toned photos of books written by Alvah as bookends

To soften the header, I changed the font to a chocolate brown but it seemed too stark against the white background (and I wanted to make it a bit different from this blog) so I went ahead and changed the background color from bright white to a soft ecru.

I’m pleased with the way it looks for now. I’ve added an email subscription option and I’ve changed the comment application to Livefyre. And now I think I’m done. Feel free to stop by and let me know what you think.