Alvah Bessie in Spain.
               Alvah Bessie in Spain.


At one point, Alvah’s Books was a stand-alone book review site. I kept the site live because I thought I would come back and write more reviews. Unfortunately, I became too busy. With the revamping of this site, I plan to revive it.

For new readers to the site who don’t know of my obsession with Alvah Bessie and why is this section named after him, here’s a little story that will explain it all:

Alvah’s Books provides book reviews. The name of this section is a tribute to the cantankerous novelist, radical, Spanish Civil War veteran, and “Hollywood Ten” screenwriter Alvah Bessie.

As a young man, Bessie had theatrical ambitions, but once he realized that he wouldn’t make it on Broadway, he wrote the following:

“I had spent four years getting exactly nowhere on the New York stage; unless you consider a six-month case of gonorrhea somewhere. I had somehow acquired 1,000 books (mainly by theft, I’m sure) during my four years in high school, four in college, and another four on the stage, and I decided that there was only one thing for me to do; I would sell the books for one dollar apiece and go to Paris–to write. And that is what I did.”

To Alvah and his one thousand books.

Books written by Alvah Bessie.
Books by Alvah Bessie.