Journaling and Brainstorming

March 13, 2017The 'Julius' Chronicles

For almost two years I’ve been consistent with keeping a daily journal where I jot down my great thoughts. They’ve mostly been ramblings concerning finances, health, work, and the usual things I tend to obsess about. But on the occasions I get bored with the same subject matter and veer away from it, I brainstorm story ideas for Julius.

In my last post I mentioned a scene I was debating to delete, but decided to keep. The question was why did I want to keep it, and what would it add to the story. I asked myself several questions and by the end of my internal interrogation, I discovered I had added another layer of complexity that relates to idealism but also its corruption. I didn’t expect to stumble into those prickly brambles of political ideology and have my main character question the beliefs of the men and women she admired, but now I’ve crossed that line and I’m waiting to see if she’ll accept those questionable acts or repudiate them.

As I approach year nine of working on this story, I’ve realized that it’s not as cut and dry as I wanted it to be when I first began to write it. In the past year, I’ve seen how the characters have further developed; they’re now more comfortable showing me their fears as well as their triumphs. I’ve also discovered that one character, whose behavior, at best, has been questionable, tried to redeem himself.

So after these major discoveries am I closer to typing “The End”? As much as I would like to say yes, I’ll leave it more as a maybe. There are still some more discoveries to be made…