Spy vs. Spy

March 8, 2017The 'Julius' Chronicles

If you’re a fan of MAD Magazine, you might remember the “Spy vs. Spy” wordless comic strip of the two spies with long beaked faces—one dressed in black, and the other one in white—who were always trying to outwit each other.

As Julius progresses, I’ve been thinking a lot about these two comic spies, as well as what’s happening in our current political arena and the various players who have been involved in meetings and conversations with the Russians. You might be wondering whether I am gleefully rubbing my hands reading the news about the presumed exploits of this current administration and the happenings with the Russians. I am because it is great fodder. Who would have thought that we have a sitting president who buys into conspiracy theories and has Twitter rages?

On Twitter, I follow Rogue POTUS Staff who have tweeted often about the Russian debacle. The most recent tweet was a brief explanation about what makes an agent. According to them it’s anyone secretly working against the country in favor, or under the control, of a foreign government. It’s a straight forward definition, which applies to a specific scene in Julius.

I’ve been going back and forth whether to keep or chuck the scene. If I keep it, there’s the potential of opening doors that I might not want to walk through further complicating the story. If I chuck it, the demise of a certain character doesn’t make sense. I want to show the power plays and the manipulations between two characters who still live on that chessboard of the Cold War. Therefore, keeping the scene makes sense. I can have a some fun with what follows, in spite of the myriad of complications, and hope it doesn’t end up coming across as ridiculous, but then again can it be even more ridiculous than this?