Fifty-Five and Counting…

September 12, 2016By RSThe 'Julius' Chronicles No Comments

The world works in mysterious ways. Cliché, right? Well, this year the Universe has proved that it is on my side. So many good things happened: from getting story assignments from Newsday to moving to Vermont and to having the opportunity to attend the second Writer Unboxed UnConference in November. I am achieving my goals—albeit … Read More

Digital Doodle

September 2, 2016By RSSoftware No Comments

Since getting the iPad, I discovered a great app that inspires me to draw. It’s called Paper by 53 and it has a bunch of nice features, but the one that I like the best is the sketching/doodling function. You don’t need a stylus to draw and can use your finger, but, lucky me, when … Read More

Becoming More Mobile

August 11, 2016By RSSoftware 2 Comments

My Writer for Hire produced no new clients, but I managed to get a generous project that allowed me to consider investing in an iPad and installing the new iOS Scrivener. The deciding factor was a social media client who needs daily updates on Instagram and Facebook (so much for that hiatus). Technically, I could … Read More